The Future Of Content Creation: The Rise Of Automated Storytelling

The next wave of hyperautomation; IT and business process automation will be followed by the automation of content creation and marketing. Digital transformation – as we head into a world where AI and automation are all the rage, we're likely not too far away from a future in which...

Cloud-based machine learning

Rapid and cost-effective development of AI solutions: The three steps of machine learning projects. Use pre-trained models where possible to immediately benefit from the opportunities of AI. Creating conversational interfaces like chatbots, making videos searchable, classifying images, converting audio to text, extracting information and sentiment from text, and translating text...

Lean UX

Rapid, testable prototypes and early end user validation enable the teams to focus on the end result.


A platform business model creates communities and markets with network effects. We help our clients build apps and technology platforms on top of cloud platforms.

Machine learning demo

This Angular demo runs in the browser using GPU where available. We implemented it as a tiny web app loaded inside this page to test the performance. Here we first use JavaScript in the front end to classify the randomly loaded images locally, without a back end. We chose to...


Our strong background in game development and professional 3D CAD systems feeds into our capabilities with apps. We have designed 3D user interfaces for embedded and mobile. We also have created several browser-based 3D apps on WebGL + JS, including Kemppi's Welding Game []. For web...

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