Let's craft meaningful digital services and products with real utility, excellent usability, and awesome UX.
Service design and development benefits from our long experience in Design thinking; practical, creative resolution of problems.
We are solution-driven thinkers with a heavy bias on producing a constructive, positive future result for problems.

Our services are available in two categories:
Digital service & product development and Innovation kick-start.

We innovate new digital services and develop full stack web apps or front ends for existing back ends.

UX & Front end first.

Let's start innovation from the users and aim at excellent usability. Using the Lean UX process enables extremely fast results. We'll start building testable apps from day one.

Digital service & product development

Prototyping and MVP's

Fail fast, fail often.

It's not just a startup buzzphrase. At the very least, prototypes will teach us what not to do. And one will want to arrive at that point as soon as possible. This is why we propose to prototype immediately.

You need to be able to test ideas on real devices, in real context, with real users.

MVP's can be built from the prototypes. These in turn can act as the basis for Cloud service development. The same codebase progresses through the process in a lean way.

Cloud service development

Same code, browser and mobile.

Full stack scalable serverless cloud solutions, or progressive web apps as new front ends for existing back ends.
Our designers work side-by-side with you and our developers, ensuring the best possible UX.

During development we can use our expertise to inject AI to the apps.

Our clients all use component-based architectures. We know how to build large, complex cloud apps that are not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain.

Innovation kick-start


AI as an enabler

Inject AI into your business & apps.

The 2-day AI innovation workshop helps find business and technology opportunities from AI and machine learning. During the workshop, we'll map the levels of AI as a tool for your business together.

You will be able to identify which tasks to launch to kick-start or expand the usage of AI in your organization rapidly.


Cloud service innovation

Design, prototype and test ideas.

The Cloud service innovation kick-start is a compact 5-day product we offer. First, we'll create a bunch of new ideas together using Service design tools like Personas, Customer journey maps and Service blueprints. We'll then develop them into testable, partial prototypes. During the last of the 5 days, those prototypes are tested on real users.

We can continue the work in Digital service & product development, developing a refined prototype, or an MVP.

You will be able to answer big business questions with little time spent.

Let’s build something great together!

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