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Our job is to help clients build successful digital products.

New technologies and business opportunities emerge faster than ever. Companies need to bring new products and experiences to market in record time.
Let's speed up your digital transformation with serverless services and front end development using the latest hybrid technologies.

Lean UX process starts with code from the very start. Prototypes and MVP's are rapidly crafted by code rather than static prototyping tools. This enables having back end -driven live data on real devices to test already at the demo stage of a product.

Full stack

We can help you build cloud native, scalable full stack solutions cost-effectively.

We are a pure JavaScript development house. We create hybrid Ionic mobile apps, Angular web apps, and back ends with Node.js running in the cloud.

Our designers work side-by-side with you and developers, ensuring the best possible end result.

For small and medium projects, we have been a trusted outsourcing partner delivering full stack solutions rapidly. For large projects, we have worked seamlessly with the clients' internal resources and networks of subcontractors.

Reusable components ♥ Design systems

Reusable components offer cost & quality benefits.
But they also ensure a coherent UX across many platforms and apps.

We compose reusable components based on the Design system of the client. These components can be used in web, mobile hybrid apps, PWA's and even on embedded devices.

Our clients all use component-based architectures for their UI's. We know how to build large, complex cloud apps that are not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain.