Building automation, industrial solutions, wearable medical devices, and consumer IoT devices. We've built many things from Raspberry Pi prototypes to apps, all the way to full stack IoT solutions running on Google Cloud Platform.

IoT is the network of industrial devices, sensors, vehicles, home appliances and other items with network connectivity. These objects can connect and exchange data without the need of a human operator. Each thing is uniquely identifiable and able to interoperate via the internet.

When IoT is augmented with sensors and actuators, the technology becomes an instance of the more general class of cyber-physical systems; smart grids, autonomous vehicle systems, medical monitoring, process control systems, and robotics systems.

IoT is one of the key areas where AI has a major impact. Massive amounts of data enable effective machine learning and it is possible to build learning loops. Sensors provide live data, and adjustments via actuators can be used to learn without human intervention.
This can enable systems that automatically test different values to minimize energy consumption, and quality defects - or maximize throughput.

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