We have the priviledge to work with innovative, smart people working in awesome companies - from large, multinational corporations, such as Kemppi, to new start-ups with the next big digital idea.

New digital business

New technologies and business opportunities emerge faster than ever. Companies need to bring new services to market in record time. Then, they need to iterate rapidly.

We are a full stack custom software company & digital service consultancy.

Together we conceive, develop, and launch new digital businesses from concepts to cloud rapidly and cost-effectively using serverless architectures.

Grow your market

Let's create new revenue streams and competitive advantage with custom serverless software solutions.
Inject AI into your business to automate, predict and create new insights.

Users first; Design thinking

Let's start innovation from the users and aim at real utility with a meaning, excellent usability and awesome user experience.

Lean UX process can enable fast results and ensure we are creating something of great value for the users.

Services and platforms everywhere

The next generation of enterprise cloud computing is in microservices. It's not all or nothing - together we can start off small and experiment. Let's use hybrid solutions to rapidly integrate the existing with the new. The next-generation platforms are cloud-native and componentized.

Together with our progressive clients we drive change by building technology platforms and innovative platform business models.