New technologies and business opportunities emerge faster than ever. Companies need to bring new services and experiences to market in record time. Let's speed up your digital transformation with serverless services and cloud apps for desktop and mobile.

We have been working with several top individuals in Fortune 500 companies and B2B SME's, providing UX design and agile software development as a subcontractor for large multidisciplinary distributed teams.
These teams typically are responsible for massive platforms and enterprise cloud apps.

Components enable reusability. Reusability is not just a cost & quality benefit. It also ensures a coherent UX across many platforms and apps.
Our clients all use component-based architectures. We know how to build large, complex cloud apps that are not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain.

Full stack

We can help you build cloud services and full stack solutions. Our designers work side-by-side with you and our developers, ensuring the best possible UX. For small and medium projects, we have been a trusted outsourcing partner delivering full stack solutions rapidly. For larger projects, we have worked seamlessly with the clients' internal resources and networks of subcontractors.


Our clients build apps and technology platforms on top of cloud platforms. Often these platforms consist of many services, with apps and products connecting these per need.
The technology platforms allow multiple products to be developed faster and cheaper, than building them stand-alone. Recently, the notion of platforms is expanded; it's much more important to think of a platform as a business model.

The business models go beyond these technology platforms. They create value by enabling exchanges between groups, often consumers and producers. Most utilize heavily AI, especially machine learning.

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