We are here to help you innovate your way out of the Crisis.

As everyone, we at Goodhum are now working from home. We have donated all the computing power we can spare to Folding@home to help fight the virus. If you can, please consider doing that with your computers, too.

We feel all organizations must act now – starting the processes to innovate their way out of the Crisis to build the world after it. We have a long experience of creating scenarios for the unknown - building digital futures to choose from, instead of reactively waiting and adapting to one created by others.
Now, the timespan of the "big change" scenarios is suddenly shortened from decades to months.

Digital Consultancy services for the new world. Ambitious companies call us when they need experience and talent. Goodhum helps some of the world’s top companies — like Caverion and Kemppi — innovate, design and develop digital products faster.
Other clients include software companies like MagiCAD, and new start-ups like IoTflow and Biovotion.

Thank you Goodhum for making it all fly in the digital space, with the attention to detail & creative wisdom we have so much respect for.

Andreas Caduff, CEO Biovotion, Switzerland