We are building great things and need your talent!
Become part of our team in the Turku office - send your freeform application to applications@goodhum.com!

We use the Lean UX model. If you are familiar with agile methods, you'll recognize our sprint-based scheduling. You are eager to learn new things, have a positive attitude and are capable of structuring things.


You will be responsible for leading the way when UI graphics are involved. You are comfortable with the process from wireframes to production resources and are capable of turning ideas into beautiful, user-friendly layouts.

You are familiar with Material Design and work fluently in Sketch or similar digital design tools. Experience in interaction prototyping is considered a plus. If you have some HTML / SASS experience, even better.


You will be responsible for running successful projects - and accounts, too, if you're up for it. You will interface our Clients and set an internal example through your work.

HTML5, CSS, JS, and mobile first as a paradigm are natural for you. You'll be developing mobile app & web app prototypes and final front ends using Angular 6.

You prefer the new UI style over the old ones - knowledge of JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP are not needed. Be MEAN rather than a LAMP.

You know Angular well - and might already be familiar with Git, SASS, Node.js, Browserify, Gulp, npm and such.

Your work is quite independent, but you'll have in-house support for technologies and UI design - working side by side in projects where the user comes first.


You will be responsible for keeping things under control in rapid iterations. You will report towards our and the Clients' teams and be proactive about developing not only code but also your skills.

You are familiar with HTML5, CSS, and JS. You know Angular, and will learn a lot more.

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