An application to connect care providers at home and in care facilities. The application meets the needs of all those in the care chain – the user, a relative, care personnel, and the emergency services.

Vivago MOBILE brings together care givers at home and in institutions. It serves relatives, personal assistants, nurses, care planners, GPs and alarm centers.

Vivago MOBILE is an application for nurses that enables their customers wellbeing follow up, task prioritisation and alarm reception.
It follows the nurses where ever they go, making information easy to access.
Customer’s wellbeing information informs when the customer has woken up, what the activity level is, whether the customer is sleeping or is outside his/her home.

Vivago MOBILE supports also communication between nurses and relatives. Notes can be shared both by nurses and relatives.

Notifications and alarms conveniently

The application supports the Lean concept of change that is used in healthcare, making everyday tasks easier and more efficient. It enables the care personnel to monitor the user’s wellbeing, prioritise tasks, and receive alarm notifications. Notifications of sudden changes, as well as changes over a longer time interval, can be sent to a smartphone or tablet. The application allows alarms and notifications to be acknowledged quickly, and if necessary a talking connection can be made with the customer.

Contextual understanding

Before we started, we ran a rapid study by following nurses in elderly care - both in public sector and private sector.

This enabled us to understand the context and the everyday life of nurses. We saw how each day was different and how information about the well-being of the customers is hard to access, making preparing for the next task difficult.

Technology must help the users

The existing competing solutions were seen as hard to use. Most of the IT systems in hospitals seemed to be serving the organisations or the bureaucracy more than the nurses. Filling out forms and reports on computer was time away from the patients or customers, and was often seen as an extra burden.

In many cases, information was being transferred by paper. A lot of information was lost as personnel changed.

Often, the mobile phones or tablets must be used while walking. Thus, we made the UI elements large and easy to use with minimal interaction.

Immediate prototyping with real devices

Based on the understanding we gained by following the nurses, we created rapid mobile app prototypes. These apps extend the Vivago solution to tablets and mobile phones.
The prototypes were reviewed with the same nurses at the real contexts.

Lean UX

This enabled us to run a series of Lean UX iterations, distilling the UI down to the essential and supporting the daily activities optimally.

The apps help the staff to quickly peek the overall status of a group of customers, or the detailed history of the next one to visit. They enable the night shift nurse to discreetly and remotely monitor who is sleeping and who needs help - without interrupting the sleep by checking the rooms.

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